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May 7, 2015
Categories: Auto Repair

Do you use your shop marketing software to its fullest capacity? It may take extra time, and this is when it pays to have a dedicated administrator or assistant to handle all of the customer service aspects of your shop. You may have five or ten cars to service, or more if you have a high-volume shop. And that will only increase as your business becomes even more popular.

One thing worth using in your shop management software is the notes field, which is something people don’t often bother with if they are very busy. Plus, you want to make sure the notes do not appear on the customer’s repair ticket, or this could alarm them or make them wonder why you are keeping track of such personalized information.

The reason to use notes is so that you can provide better service. For example, you can glean personal information about your customer just by listening to them when they come in, or by observing.

Let’s say one of your customers comes in to get their car serviced. While there, she strikes up a conversation about her oldest daughter going into her senior year and will soon be going to college. You naturally ask a few more questions and discover that your customer has three kids, so in the “notes” field in your shop management software, you can simply write down a few things to help you remember for next time. This allows your future conversations to flow nicely and makes you seem more personable and memorable. Your customer will be appreciative that you took the time to remember and be so attentive.

This can work not only for family notes or hobbies, interests, etc. You can also use the notes feel to write down how the customer likes their coffee. Next time you know they have a service appointment, have a fresh cup waiting and say, “Two sugars and hazelnut creamer, right?” Your customer will be blown away that you remembered something so poignant and special!

Whether you talk about their nephew’s upcoming wedding or that your customer is taking dance lessons with her husband, or finds out that they are going on a cruise, all of these personal tidbits and details about a person’s life is what makes your auto shop stand out from the other dime-a-dozen auto repair businesses in town.

Once again, remember not to include these details on any of the service slips, but do use the notes fields to your advantage and watch your customer’s happy response. These are subtle, yet very effective ways to become the very best at succeeding in a service-oriented business.

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