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Social & Email Intertwined

Social & Email Intertwined

Aug 3, 2015
Categories: Vizoop

The top two ways to promote your company’s marketing content are social media and email marketing. Most of you are doing both, but you aren't linking them together. They need to work together to push your free eBooks, webinars and blogs to generate leads.

I’m going to show you how to intertwine the top two marketing efforts you’re working so hard on to leverage them effectively - and double conversions, views, engagement and ultimately gain new customers from your marketing efforts.

1. Encourage Shares Via Email

Are people registering for your webinar, or downloading your eBook and sharing it with their friends? Does the user experience allow them to? You can encourage your engaged users to share with their friends and colleagues who would like your webinar too.

Include calls to action in your follow up email to those who have registered or downloaded your free content. Encourage users to share the fact that they just registered for your webinar or downloaded a piece of your content.

You can easily double your audience this way because people love to share valuable tools with others.

2. Give ‘Em a Nudge

You’re driving tons of people to your website with Facebook ads. How many people viewed that webinar registration page, but didn’t sign up? They’ve indicated interest, but haven’t taken the plunge. Try targeting to them again, give them a little nudge and remind them what you have to offer. Remember never to advertise with questions. Always make a bold statement on how you can ease a pain they have and how now is the time to make a move.

Repeated exposure to your message can help users progress toward a ‘Yes’. You can do this by utilizing Facebook retargeting ads.

  1. Create a custom audience in Facebook Ads Manager based on “website visits.” Include people who have viewed the first form fill page and exclude those who have viewed the “thank you” page.
  2.  Run a Facebook Ad campaign towards this new custom audience to remind them.

Remember to keep the user experience in mind when retargeting, you don’t want to forget to say thank you when they convert. Be sure each landing page is branded consistently (this builds trust and credibility).

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