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Use an Apple TV to Show Clients What is Wrong With Their Vehicle

Use an Apple TV to Show Clients What is Wrong With Their Vehicle

May 12, 2015
Categories: Auto Repair

The Apple TV method will bring you back to your days of show and tell in first grade. Whenever you're trying to explain something to someone, showing is always more effective than telling.

This is particularly true in auto repair, where you're forced to explain something to a person who likely doesn't have extensive knowledge of the workings of their car. The terminology you use on a daily basis is likely far too confusing and foreign to the average customer. Showing them what's wrong is far more effective, and will give them a good idea of if/why a certain repair is necessary.

But therein lies the problem. It's not always ideal (nor safe) to bring a customer into the actual shop. At any given time, your shop may have:

  • Slick spots on the floor
  • Excessive noises
  • Debris and chemicals in the air

Most customers shouldn't step foot inside certain portions of your shop. It protects them from harm and you from being held liable for any injuries.

So how then can you invoke the classic show me, don't tell me approach with your business?

Enter the Apple TV. Here's what we mean:

You'll need to buy two things to make this happen:

  1. A TV at the front counter (the larger the better)
  2. An Apple TV hooked to the TV

Using your iPhone or iPad, take photos (or even video) of the client's car, and the specific issue at hand. If you take a video, narrate it, naming the parts and discussing the issues involved.

With the magic of technology and Apple, you can then quickly and easily display those pictures or video to your client, through the TV by the front counter. Your customer will then have a first-hand look at the underbelly of their car, without having to step foot in the dangerous areas of your shop.

Another benefit to using the Apple TV method

We're sure that there have been many times when the decision maker for car repairs/spending isn't in the shop. Perhaps they're at work or elsewhere. The Apple TV method can help this decision maker feel like a part of the discussion, despite not being present at the moment.

It's as easy as pushing a few buttons. When you record the video and images for the TV, you can also email the media to the decision maker, wherever he or she may be.

This will give them an up-close look at the problem at hand, so that they're far better informed to make a decision moving forward.

More information and accessibility = happy and confident customers

One common complaint auto-shop customers have is that they feel they're left in the dark regarding what's being fixed on their cars. In reality, it's likely more a communication issue: they don't fully understand the message being delivered by their mechanic. They need to be shown what the issue is.

By using this Apple TV approach, you're providing your customers a level of accessibility few other mechanics are willing to offer. This, in turn, gives them more information to work with, so that they feel in control of the situation.

The use of modern technology to help a customer come to a decision will not go unnoticed. These "little things" are what will stand you apart from your competitors, and will not only keep your customers coming back, but will have them referring you to their friends and family.

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