About Vizoop

Vizoop was born out of 5 Stones Media, a marketing agency located in Hammond, Louisiana. The 5 Stones team manages social media for many small businesses and they found that the amount of time spent for each client finding great content and crafting engaging posts made the cost of the service more than most small businesses could afford.

On a quest to find a solution that would enable small business owners to manage their own social media marketing while seeing a good return in a short amount of time, we came up with the idea for Vizoop.

In an attempt to provide the absolute best content we decided that we can’t be everything to everyone. We have chosen certain industries to support, starting with Auto Repair and Real Estate. Our short list of industries that we will serve includes Health and Fitness, Insurance, and Religious Organizations.

Our team of “Zoopers” is passionate about many things. We love social media, we love small business, we love our Southeastern Lions football team, and we love our town!