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Get The Best Return on Investment by Spending Time Focusing on Your Business

Get The Best Return on Investment by Spending Time Focusing on Your Business

Sep 4, 2015
Categories: Vizoop

Small business owners wear many hats. They're managers, accountants, IT specialists, HR directors and so much more. And as a small business owner, you understand that taking on so many responsibilities is a combination of both passion and necessity.

On one hand, nobody loves your business more than you, so it's difficult to relinquish the reins and entrust others to be as passionate or committed to the company mission. On the hand, as a small business owner, you can't, necessarily, afford to hire others to take on certain responsibilities. By handling all the jobs on your own, you believe that you're lowering your overhead costs.

But this isn't always the case.

How should you best spend your time at work? Doing what you do best, of course.

Sure, it's true that when you take on all the responsibilities of running your business, you don't have to pay someone else to do these tasks. However, for every hour you spend taking care of administrative tasks, or managing your website, you're taking away from the time spent doing what you do best: running your business. This, in the end, could rob you of earning even more money for your company, and may increase the likelihood of you burning out and losing passion for your work.

Focus on the job that will give you the biggest return on investment

Let's take, for an example, a real estate agent. Real estate agents got into this business because they like (and are good at) showing and listing homes, negotiating prices, and closing sales. But there's so much work aside from those tasks that a real estate agent needs to have performed in order to run a successful business, including:

  1. Accounting
  2. Office cleaning
  3. Website content management
  4. Social media marketing
  5. And so much more

The more of these tasks the real estate agent chooses to complete on her own, the less time there'll be for her to do what she actually loves, and is good at: selling houses.

In fact, by performing all of these other administrative tasks, the real estate agent risks missing out on tremendous earning potential, because she's not committing more time to the one job that provides her the biggest return on investment: showing and listing homes.

You can't be a master of everything

Some people are naturally gifted at running a business. They can handle invoicing; they have no problem with paperwork; they find some enjoyment in marketing. However, that doesn't mean that they excel at these tasks. While a small business owner may be a jack-of-all-trades, he or she is likely a master of just one or two disciplines.

Your business would benefit from the expertise of, for example, an accountant, as well as a web developer. It might pain you to pay someone else to do a job you believe you might be able to do on your own; however, chances are they'll perform it more effectively (and quicker) than you.

In the end, your business will run more smoothly, and you'll be able to pull in more money by focusing on the growth of your company.

Avoid early burnout

One of the reasons why many small business owners close shop after just a few years is because they get burned out. They take on too many responsibilities and are forced to work long hours, often times focused on all of the administrative tasks at hand, and not on their actual business.

The most successful business owners know their limits. They understand their shortcomings. Furthermore, they're willing and prepared to turn to someone else for support.

Even if you feel like you can handle all of your business operations from the get-go, over time, your business will grow and will demand more of your time. Unless you create an environment in which you have support for your administrative, marketing, and IT tasks, you'll never find the time or passion to commit to focusing on the parts of the job you love and got into business in the first place for.

Marketing isn't your expertise; so don't spend your valuable time looking for content to share. Get help.

Marketing is an integral part of growing your business. These days, marketing also means finding and creating content that you can share with your online readers across social networks and your website.

It would take a large chunk of time for any business owner to find or create this content on his own. Some business owners commit this time - stealing away their focus from their own expertise. Others decide to not pursue this avenue (because of lack of time or expertise), which, in turn, stifles their growth – every 21st century business needs a strong online presence.

So how can you get the online content that'll help your audience find you online and turn to you when they're ready to commit?

Vizoop can help. Vizoop weeds through all of the poorly written and spun content on the web to find the best of the best for your specific industry. Once we find the right type of content for your audience, we write sample social media posts for you to share so that you don't have to learn to speak like a marketer.

With our user-friendly system, you can even add your own content (if you choose) and schedule it out when it's convenient for you, rather than trying to remember to check in daily to post something to your social pages and profiles.

Business owners that use Vizoop have discovered an easy, efficient way to build their online persona without cutting into the valuable time they spend running their business.

Want to learn more about Vizoop and how it can help you get the most return on your investment?

Get the free trial today.

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