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Mirror Hangers from Technicians

Mirror Hangers from Technicians

Apr 22, 2015
Categories: Auto Repair

Your customers put a lot of faith in you when they drop off their cars. When you get right down to it, they don't know - for sure - what you did and didn't work on.

Actually, come to think about it, they have no idea who even worked on their cars.

You may not think of that as a big deal, but most people hold a special affinity for their cars. A car is so much more than a heap of metal to them. It's a regular part of their day. Use that to your advantage by showing your customers you care about their vehicle. Here's how:

Be like a dog spa.

What? What do we mean by that? Well, anyone who's dropped their dog off at a day care or spa knows that more times than not, they'll get a "report card" when they pick up their dog.

On this report card will be a snapshot of what their dog did that day, including:

  • What was done to the dog (nail trimming, ears cleaned, bathed)
  • How the dog responded/behaved
  • Who played with/cared for the dog
  • Any tips on what to do to keep the dog happy and healthy until the next visit

That's exactly what you could, and should, do with your customers.

We suggest you create a mirror hanger that represents each of your technicians. Include their picture and name, so that your customers know who worked on their car. Not only does this show your customers that someone is taking ownership (and pride) in the work done, but it also adds that personal touch that's lacking inside so many other auto shops.

On the reverse side of the hanger, create a list of typical activities performed on the car, such as "belt/hose inspection," "air pressure checked" etc. Have your technician check off each activity he performed, and then have him sign it.

People flock to people, not businesses

When a woman goes to the hairdresser, she almost never goes to an establishment because she's formed a bond with the business. She seeks out the hairdresser whom she can trust.

Imagine if the same can be done for your auto shop? While customers may hold your shop in high regard, they'll more likely to come back to you for continued service if you personalize the experience for them.

By showing them who, exactly, worked on their car, you're helping to form a trusting and personal bond that simply can't be bought. The next time your customer needs work done, he or she will be sure to come back to you and the trusted technician who did the work. And even if that technician isn't available to work on the car, chances are your customer will trust your judgment and will assume your other technicians are just as trustworthy and efficient.

Personalize your auto shop. It'll help you stand apart from other shops that just take a customer's car, sticks it in a garage for a few hours, and then asks for money at the end of the day.

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