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Prime Real Estate: Your Facebook Cover Photo

Prime Real Estate: Your Facebook Cover Photo

Aug 24, 2015
Categories: Vizoop

This post was originally posted on our sister company, 5 Stones Media's, website on 3/10/2015. It was written by Christina McGlothren.

Since Facebook made the switch to the timeline format back in 2012, the cover photo at the top of your page is prime real estate for businesses to show off their style to their fans.  Typically, this is the first image fans will see when visiting your page.  The cover image needs to be engaging, vibrant and express your brand's identity well.  Needing some fresh ideas to jazz up the space?  Here are a few tips for selecting the right cover image while keeping your brand in mind:

  • Since the space for the cover image is horizontal as opposed to the square profile image, the photo you select should be a panoramic style photo.  If you want to get really technical, the size of your cover photo should be 851x315.
  • Change your cover photo regularly!  If you have a special promotion going on, spotlight it in the space.  Get creative during the holiday season and use this space to wish your fans a festive holiday!  Don’t forget to make sure you change the photo as soon as the promotion or holiday is over!
  • Make a collage.  If you can't decide on just one photo, consider making a collage to spotlight a few of your favorite photos that represents your brand.  Remember to keep the photos engaging and fresh.
  • Spotlight your staff.  Fans want to connect with the people that they may interact with when working with you.  Get a great picture of your staff in the office and spotlight them in the space.
  • Create an image for fans to join your email list!  (You are doing email marketing, right?)  By the way, make sure you have a “Join our email” tab on your Facebook page.
  • Don't be afraid to be proud!  Did you just win an award?  Display that in your cover image!  Fans like to know they are using someone reputable and respected in their industry!
  • Promote your fans!  Spotlight a fan and show them off!  That will get them sharing your page for sure!

Remember to keep things fun!  While you want to hit people in all areas of their life, social media is just that - fun!  If your cover image is less than desirable, you're missing a great opportunity for fans to better connect with you and your brand.

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