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May 5, 2015
Categories: Auto Repair

Marketing is always changing. It is difficult to keep up with the trends. One year, it seems like everyone is doing pay-per-click campaigns, while the next year they are telling you that social media is the perfect source for new business. Through all of these strange trends, there has been one, solid staple that you can rely on… your newsletter.

But, wait! Freeze!

According to new trends, newsletters are not as appreciated as they once were. There are a few reasons for this. The first is the tremendous surge in people who read on mobile devices and tablets. Computers were once the favorite source of reading emails, but this is no longer true. It is too hard for people to read a long newsletter in a small space, so even if they are interested, they may put it in the “later” pile of emails that never get read.

Another reason for the death of newsletters can be chalked up to time. People simply have shorter attention spans, and may only get a few seconds here and there to “skim” through their inboxes while on a lunch break or while they are waiting to pick the kids up from baseball practice. People try to maximize their time now. Newsletter used to be a way to pass the time, but now they simply take up too much time.

Email Marketing is Best for Your Repair Shop

You may at first think the concept of emailing your customers on a regular basis is nonsense, especially since you are also just as busy as they are. So, forget about making up the non-relevant material such as recipes or ‘employee of the month’ announcements. Instead, focus on reminders, and design your email campaigns with specific goals and calls to action.

“Always use the emails as a way to drive traffic to your website,
and this will drive traffic to your shop.”

People also lean towards the conversational style emails, as opposed to stuffy emails that sound too “salesy”. So, for example, let’s say you own a repair shop that focuses on motorcycles. Your email should almost sound like you are talking to your friend. Get as many details about them as possible to include and create “fields” within the email. These appear as parentheses in your initial email, and then a database will insert the proper name, etc.

Hi <Jake>,

It’s almost bike season, and you know what that means! You can finally get your motorcycle road ready and enjoy the fresh spring air. Is the open road calling your name?

Don’t forget to make a turn into “Acadia Bike Shop” and I’ll take a look at your motorcycle for you at no charge. I just want to make sure you have a safe riding season, so come see me!

This email is effective because it is personalized, friendly, and sounds sincere. It also offers not one, but TWO strong calls to action. If you don’t see them, I will tell you. “Make a turn into Acadia…” and “Come see me!” are both calls to action. They are distinctively telling your customer to do something (take action) and they are written in a very compelling fashion.

If you need help, Shop Marketing can develop highly effective emails for your shop. First, get out your shovel and don’t forget to order a beautiful bouquet to celebrate the long life of your newsletter.

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