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Using Text Messaging for Client Communications and as a Marketing Tool

Using Text Messaging for Client Communications and as a Marketing Tool

May 7, 2015
Categories: Auto Repair

Have you ever thought about SMS Marketing for your repair shop? Not sure what that is? SMS Marketing is an acronym for “Smart Mobile Strategy Marketing” and this is where you need to jump on board with the new media technologies that are available.

The truth is, the digital era is constantly changing how your auto repair business must communicate with customers. Many people use tablets and mobile devices as a preferred method of communicating, so if you are not on board with SMS Marketing, you will run the risk of falling behind the times.

How can smart phone messaging be effective for auto repair shops?

There are a number of ways you can utilize SMS Marketing to your advantage. You may be able to send them text reminders of an upcoming service appointment or even a reminder that they are due for a tune up or oil change. You can also use it to confirm or schedule appointments and to let the customers know about any upcoming promotions or discounts they may qualify for.

SMS Marketing is permission based, so this can be a great way to become your customer’s shop of choice. When you quiz your clients, either through an attachment on the bottom of the repair slip or with a simple postcard that you ask them to fill out while they are at the shop waiting for a service, you should ask them how they like to communicate. Offer phone, texting, email, etc.

Although you may already have some of these marketing methods in place, you may also be surprised to learn that many customers these days will favor the text messaging as a preferred method of contact. They can reply even while on-the-go, in a meeting, etc. to approve services, so this also streamlines the process for your service techs and prevents lag time.

SMS Marketing enables your repair shop to:

  1. Send a photo of a bad part, bad fluid, etc.
  2. Send a picture of new/good part or fluid to upsell a job
  3. Ask for permission prior to performing a service
  4. Let a customer know when their car is ready to be picked up
  5. Give the customer a reminder of upcoming service appointments
  6. Offer discounts and special promotions
  7. Invite them to special events

One thing to remember is that you should keep a dedicated cell phone for the repair shop and specifically for the SMS Marketing purposes. Always keep it backed up with contacts and photographs stored in a folder at least once every couple of days. You could dedicate one of your office staff to handle the upkeep and maintenance.

SMS Marketing is a great way to help your shop’s sales soar!

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